We are ART INDUSTRY – more than an interior design studio.

We are creators of inspiring spaces. Since 2009, when the company has been founded by Alexander Nikolov, we turn walls into an elegant and cozy home, every dream interior vision into a created reality. For us, design is not just a job, but a vocation that we follow and develop constantly.


For these more than 11 years of dedication to our mission we can proudly say that in our portfolio of accomplished projects there are the interiors of some of the most impressive hotel rooms and lobbies, apartments and houses, spas, bars, restaurants and beach bars. Each of them – in its own way different and unique, fully consistent with the individual desires and needs of our clients, but also bearing the common of all our projects – the detailed precision and unadulterated artistic character of ART INDUSTRY.


Of course, behind each of our accomplished creative projects there are teams of specialists – architectural designers, 3D interior designers, our partners – leading furniture manufacturers from Bulgaria and Turkey, as well as professional construction and repair brigades – carpenters, artists and arrangers, electrical and plumbing experts, specialists in the application of all types of decorative plasters, ground coats, paints, as well as the installation of plasterboard and flooring. Through this closed cycle, from the 3D visualization of your idea in several variants, through all stages of technical implementation, all the way to the final touches such as the picture on the wall and the cushions on the sofa, we at ART INDUSTRY guarantee high quality execution, correct attitude and compliance with all deadlines.


Depending on the desire and the needs of our clients, without any compromises in the quality of the implementation from idea to turnkey, we offer appartment furniture in three price ranges:

  • High-budget
  • Medium-budget
  • Low-budget – in which we offer express construction, for the maximum convenience of our clients – 30 days from idea to turnkey, including the full range of necessary construction and repair activities and furniture.


We are ART INDUSTRY – we stand behind your interior ideas and turn them into a refined reality.

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